How to: Effectively Adult From Your Phone

It seems like the general consensus among people in their early twenties is that we feel like we should have our lives together at this point, but even if we do have some responsibilities covered, we feel like we can always do better. A lot of this feeling is as a result of cultural gaslighting, older generations constantly calling millennials lazy and entitled until we actually do feel as if we’re lazy and entitled–even though many of us actually aren’t (let me know if you’d like to read a good long rant in defense of millennials, I’ll save that for another post). That said, there’s always room for improvement, so I’ve devised a list of ways you can “adult” from your phone, in other words, anywhere at any time.

Money Management Apps (Level, Venmo, Bank App)

I list financial apps first because that’s where I struggled with the most. I downloaded Level this weekend and realized how much I was spending on little things that I didn’t even register when making purchases, I just made them. I realized I was spending exorbitant amounts of money on vending machine snacks, Chipotle, and other small purchases that were adding up more quickly than I liked. Small purchases and little luxuries like this are fine, just make sure you know what you’re spending.

Most banks also have an app where you can check your account balance, activity, and sometimes even e-deposit checks and transfer funds. If your bank has an app, download it! It’s important to keep track of your activity, because if your bank doesn’t flag a suspicious purchase, it’s up to you to dispute it before your bank account is compromised.

Venmo and Paypal are also good ways of managing your money if you find yourself making transactions between people, or you dislike using your bank card to make online purchases.


Having your email on your phone is also pretty important, that way if important emails come in while you’re away from your computer, you’re able to respond quickly and easily. Just don’t get bogged down replying to work emails when you aren’t on the clock.

News Apps

Even though it might seem depressing at times, it’s important to keep up with what’s going on with the world, especially if you’re in classes where that’s relevant, or you work in an environment where current events are common discussion. Some apps have notifications that you’ll be sent when important news takes place. This is important to be on top of, because news can come up anywhere, first dates, job interviews, you get the point. You don’t want to look uninformed when current events come up in conversation, especially if it’s something big like who won an election, or if a terrible tragedy took place somewhere in the world. Buzzfeed News, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and the Washington Post are good apps that will send notifications when major events occur.

Google/Apple Calendar

Plan your life, make appointments, and let the app send you notifications. Thank me later.

Health Apps

You can’t reasonably spend your time keeping track of your life and other things on this list if you’re in poor health, so check out some of these health apps that might help you keep that part of your life together.

Period Trackers

Do you menstruate? Pick from a multitude of monthly cycle trackers to help you understand your body better. This can be useful if you’re trying to stay not pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or you just want to be able to better track your cycle and be prepared for what’s coming. There are also a good handful of trans friendly apps that can help trans folks track cycles without too much dysphoria.

Meditation Apps

There are also a number of apps dedicated to meditation that will help you stay calm and mindful. Calm and Simple Habit are good apps for this.

Myfitnesspal and Cronometer

These two apps are good for tracking macros, calories, and generally promoting mindful eating, if you feel like your eating habits might need some adjustments. I don’t recommend these for those who are recovering from eating disorders or feel as if they have an unhealthy relationship with food. Here is a resource if you feel as if you or someone you know might be dealing with an eating disorder.

Are there any apps that you have found helpful for managing your adult responsibilities? Let me know in the comments!


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