Top 5: GRE Study Apps

Disclaimer: I really like Magoosh and their GRE prep materials, so multiple apps from Magoosh appear on this list. This is not a sponsored post, I just found their apps to be the most helpful. 

GRE books are usually huge, heavy and expensive, and while they should have a place in your study materials, many of us can’t be bothered to lug them around everywhere. However, when a test as stressful as the GRE is looming, you start to feel guilty for not studying in every spare minute you have. Whether you’re waiting in the long Chipotle line or wanting to study from your bed, these apps (which should all be available for both Android and iPhone, but are accessible online as well) will come in handy for those moments when a gigantic testing book isn’t going to work.

5. GRE Vocabulary Builder from Magoosh

This app is great because it plays like a game. You’re given a word and have to decide which of your choices best fits the word. If you get the word right, they don’t show it to you again for a while, instead focusing on the words that you aren’t as confident about. This app also has TOEFL words and SAT/ACT words.

4. Wall Street Journal/Reuters/Scientific American/The Economist

If you’re just sick of studying, reading one of these news sites–they all have apps– will catch you up on current events while giving you the opportunity to learn new words in context. It’s also helpful to understand current events and how they unfold because it could eventually help you tackle the Analytical Writing section.


When you’re reading your news apps and come across words you don’t know, it would be helpful to have an app to look them up immediately, right? Additionally, you’ll want to make use of their “Word of the Day” widget, if you can.

2. GRE Math Flashcards from Magoosh

These math flashcards are great if you are able to sit down with a notebook and work out each problem, unlike the other apps which you could use anywhere, anytime. Not only are these flashcards separated by subject, but they also explain how different types of problems are done, even if you click that you understood the problem, which can be helpful if you’re like me and make two mistakes that happen to cancel out, causing me to get the problem right.

1. GRE Vocabulary Flashcards from Magoosh

These vocabulary flashcards are different than the builder that I discussed earlier, because these are not multiple choice, which makes them more challenging, and ultimately more helpful, because you’re relying on recall instead of recognition.

Happy Studying!


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