How to: Get Back into the Swing of Things

As you can tell, my “little break” turned into a long break. Oops. That was definitely not the intention. Now, we have to focus on getting back into the swing of things, and getting my life back on track. That is difficult, especially when we think about what lies ahead.

I’ve successfully finished the fall semester and I’m happy to start clean in the spring, but there’s a hefty list of things to accomplish, especially as a nearly graduating senior. I’m not working full time anymore, which makes my life easier in some ways and harder in others. While I have more free time to focus on school, I have a little less money and have to budget a little more carefully, especially having developed bad habits of eating out frequently while I made more money. I have more time to meal prep and make healthier foods for the week, but I’m getting less exercise since I’m not working strenuous 11 hour days 3 times a week. I made great friends at my internship, but now I have to work a little harder to see them more often. Ultimately, I really appreciate the opportunities and experiences I gained from my internship.

Now, I have these things to accomplish

  • Complete my wintersession course (a semester long course condensed into three weeks during the winter break). This is important because the course fulfills several requirements and will hopefully boost my GPA, important for graduate school.
  • Study hard for the GRE. I need to take my GRE sometime in January. I need to receive relatively high scores in order to be accepted into my graduate program of choice, and the test is expensive to take, so let’s ace it the first time around.
  • Practice ASL. American Sign Language was the class I barely scraped by with, passing with a 74%. This isn’t great, and it’s required that I also pass ASL 2, so in my break, it’s probably important that I brush up on my skills.
  • Get back into the blog! I love blogging and I’m excited to get back to regularly posting. If I slip up here and there, forgive me, but I’m too excited about this to let it fall by the wayside again.



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