How to: Get Through This Election

If you’re anything like me, and most of the country, you’re aware that the United States Presidential Election is one giant dumpster fire. At this point, it seems like anyone who says they’re truly undecided is lying. Even if you think all candidates are gross and incompetent, that’s still an opinion, but at this point there really isn’t much room to jump from one candidate to another. So, since I assume you’ve made up your mind about the presidential candidates, here’s how to get through the next 4 weeks without losing your shit.

  • Research the rest of your ballot. People forget that this election is about so much more than just the president, and many choices, especially when it comes to amendments and state officials, can be and are more important than who is sitting in the Oval Office.
  • Turn off your television news. If you’ve already made up your mind, very little is going to change it right? So instead of just being enraged by your candidates opponent, just turn off the tv. Unfollow sites that use fearmongering and scare tactics to try to influence the popular vote. It’s just going to piss you off.
  • Encourage your friends to vote, especially for local officials. Much of the consensus this election is “This is all terrible” and while you may be correct, voting on amendments and local representatives is important and less of a circus, so remind your apathetic friends that there are more issues for their voices to be heard.
  • Take lots of naps. Remember that mental self care is important and while debates and news media might raise your blood pressure, take some time off from the election for a nice nap.

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