The Busy Girl Diaries: Work Through the Pain

Chronic pain is a bitch, y’all. When I disclose that I have chronic pain, the people around me always have advice–which, I get it, you mean well–that I’ve heard a thousand times before.

Pain medication? Heard it.

Yoga? Heard it.

Proper diet? Heard it.

Posture change? Heard it.

Massage therapy? Heard it.

Acupuncture? That’s the only one I won’t do. Because fuck that.

But what advice do you give when you’re “doing everything right”? When traditional medicine, alternative medicine, and home remedies all fail you? What’s the advice then?

There isn’t any. Pain medication is either a) addictive or b) going to ruin my liver AND a) only relieves the pain for about an hour and b) isn’t a cure all. Pain medication is for severe situations. Yoga is great and is beneficial for many reasons. Chronic pain, though? Not so much. Proper diet? Sure, there are fewer flare ups when I consume more anti-inflammatory foods and certainly when less animal products are consumed, but the flare ups still exist. Posture change? Yeah that’s great, not going to fix it. Massage therapy? Amazing, fantastic, helps for 30 minutes. Acupuncture? No.

When doctors tell you “It’s probably a physical manifestation of your anxiety” and the internet tells you “Cancer for sure,” you find yourself at a crossroads of wtf and idk.

Being perpetually busy doesn’t help. Be nice to people. They might have chronic pain. Chronic pain is an invisible illness that people disregard because it’s invisible. Treat all people with kindness because they may be fighting an invisible illness and putting on a happy face because they have no other choice.



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