Top 5: Ways to Relieve Menstrual Pain

If you get a period, you know that sometimes cramps and back pain are the worst. Maybe you’ve wondered why we don’t get paid sick leave on our periods; I certainly have. While we wait on the sick leave, I’ve complied a list of ways to relieve the pain so we can go out into the world and function.

5. Massage, Aromatherapy, and a Calming Environment

Sometimes pain can be made worse by stress and being in a stressful environment, so the first thing I always do when the cramps come knocking is dim the lights, burn some incense, and ask my partner to rub my back or feet. Obviously, not everyone has a partner to give them massages, but you can always visit a nail salon to get a pedicure, go to an actual massage therapist, or, if your budget is tight, rub your own feet and relax with a hot bath or shower.

4. Hydration and Diet

If your diet is healthy, full of fruit and vegetables, and you’re hydrated (not just during your period, but all month long), cramps and lower back pain are easiest to maintain.You might need a little extra food or water during your period, but as long as you aren’t binge eating junk food or caffeine, you should be okay.

3. Stretching/Yoga

Try these poses for menstrual relief!

2. Pain Medication

Okay, time to break out the acetaminophen! As long as you don’t exceed the maximum dosage or combine with alcohol or other drugs, you’re perfectly safe taking pain medication.

1. Heating Pads

Enough said.



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