The Busy Girl Diaries: Self-Care Part 2

I told you I would update you! As avid readers of this blog know, I booked a massage therapy appointment for two Saturdays ago and I’m excited to go back! The experience was excellent and taught me a lot about actually taking care of myself.

It’s easy to get caught up in the game where we try to outdo ourselves as far as exhaustion and mental discomfort goes. We talk to each other about our lack of sleep and exercise as if it’s commendable or even meme-worthy. I learned that it’s really actually terrible to neglect yourself, because walking around after my massage, I realized I wasn’t in pain, and that felt weird to me. I was literally just walking around, not in pain from my back, shoulders, or hips, and felt like this was different and new.

So please, be a busy girl. Set those #goals, and demolish them. But don’t wait until you’re in pain to take care of yourself. Be proactive and go exercise, take a nap, eat a healthy snack, or even get a massage today! I challenge everyone reading to at least one healthy act per day, whether that be going to bed early, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, walking to class instead of driving or taking public transportation, or turning off your phone to sit and chat with your partner for a while. And then, once a week, allow yourself some true self care. Get a massage, go out for a meal with your friends, get a pedicure, take a long, hot bath, etc.

It’s never too late or too early to start treating yourself with love and care. You deserve it.


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