How to: Lose A Customer

For many months on this blog, I’ve talked about the ease, convenience, and fun of eating vegan at Taco Bell. Their whole menu is customizable and anything can be asked for without meat or dairy. I’ve eaten many vegan meals at Taco Bell, and I’ve recommended Taco Bell to those of you looking for a quick fix of fast food minus the animal products. It’s with mild frustration that today, I take it back. Taco Bell, I’ve been a loyal customer for years, and I was especially excited to know that my favorite fast food restaurant had so many vegan options, but that idea that’s so great in theory just doesn’t work out in practice.

When your order is wrong more times than it’s right, customer service is poor, and the people behind the counter don’t understand that nacho cheese comes from a cow, you just stop giving people the benefit of the doubt. “People make mistakes,” I said as the employees gave my partner a cheese-filled crunchwrap for the second time in the span of 5 minutes. “Give them another chance.”

I kept giving them chances. In fact, every time I ordered from Taco Bell I cut into my food prior to eating it to make sure that there was no cheese, sour cream, or meat.

How many times should I waste my money, time, and energy to be given the wrong order? Not just, “Oh, they forgot the rice,” but “They put a fucking corpse in my burrito again.”

So, for my money, time, and overall health, Taco Bell, we’re done. It’s not me, it’s you.



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