Top 5: Favorite Foods

On this blog, I’ve talked about lots of foods that are good to eat, healthy, quick, easy, cheap, etc., but what I’ve learned is that it’s hard to take a recommendation from someone if you don’t know how their tastes align with your own, so I thought it would be worthwhile to tell you what my favorite foods are, and what I get to eat fairly regularly, since none of these foods are particularly expensive. However, due to the nature of top-5 lists, this list isn’t exhaustive, and I’m also a fan of non-starchy vegetables, fruits, rice, and of course, the occasional junk food.

5. PB&J Bagel

Most of the entries on this list are not specific which is intentional because I’ll take any of the below dishes in nearly any form. However, I’m loyal to Einstein’s Bagels on this one. Whenever I’m feeling extra hungry, down, or like I just need to treat myself at work, I’ll walk to Einstein’s and order a plain bagel (toasted) with peanut butter and jelly. My Einstein’s makes you put the PB&J on yourself, which is annoying but also kind of nice because then I control the specific ratio of the peanut butter and jelly. I feel like this is the perfect blend of breakfast, snack, and dessert.

4. Pasta

Pasta is honestly something that you can’t fuck up. However you want to make it, whatever type of sauce you want, throw in some spinach or tomatoes, bake it, boil it, literally who cares? I feel like I can look at pasta and I become a bottomless pit, I just can’t stop eating the stuff.

3. Beans

Black beans, pinto beans, white baked beans, kidney beans, soybeans (in nearly any form–and soy is healthy fight me) you name it. Beans and rice? Yes. Beans as taco filling? Give it to me. Baked beans when I’m feeling especially ‘Merica?  Black bean soup (especially that Panera one? I’ll eat beans all damn day and I’m never going to be ashamed of it so don’t even try. When I’m at chipotle, I tell them to give me both, and give me a lot of both.

2. Potatoes



Potatoes are life. That’s literally it.

1. Pho

Today, I asked my partner what he thought I would choose as my last meal, and he correctly said pho. If you don’t know, pho is a Vietnamese rice noodle soup, that’s served with meat or a meat substitute, occasionally vegetables, and in America anyway, herbs, bean sprouts, lime,  and jalapeno are served alongside so you can individually add what you like. There are different styles of making pho and everyone seems to have their preference, but for me, pho is a warm bowl of heaven every single time.


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