The Busy Girl Diaries: Hurricane Days

Some people like to be busy, others are here out of necessity, and others, like me, are busy out of necessity, but tend to enjoy the lifestyle. That said, engagements and tasks piling up faster than I can accomplish them can be extremely stressful, and usually, there’s no time to catch up. Sometimes, in our business, we forget that we are fortunate in our own ways. This week, I was given two hurricane days, and luckily for my area, very little extreme weather.

If you don’t know, hurricane days are days off for students and those working at schools and universities due to the approach of a hurricane that makes actually going to school too dangerous. Hurricane Hermine made landfall late Thursday as a Category 1 hurricane, which runs the risk of flooding and tornadoes, so most public schools and many universities in Florida closed their doors.

Fortunately for me, my area was affected only by rain. Many other areas in the state suffered flooding and several days of power outages. Because my area was unaffected, I was able to spend the two days catching up on work and relaxing. Obviously, it’s important to help affected areas, so while I was fortunate enough that the hurricane days  were positive for me, many people have been affected, so please click on the links above and share the pages or donate to help families and small businesses. It’s also important to remember that though you may feel stressed or unhappy, you can still almost always help someone in need.


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