The Busy Girl Diaries: First Week of the Semester

Before I started this hectic schedule, I wondered how I would actually fit all of the hours required to succeed into each week, and I’m actually pretty surprised as to specifically how everything ended up working out. Obviously, it’s syllabus week, and life isn’t going to get easier from here, but I know that this semester is something I can handle, no matter what. Because of the complexities of my schedule, I thought it relevant to go through my week and break down how much time I committed to each engagement I had in hopes of teaching you and myself how to best shape a schedule and manage time.


Sunday is where I’m starting the week because it was the day I attended orientation for my internship and gathered my materials and mind for the upcoming week.

Morning: Meal prep (breakfast and hot foods), looked over syllabi

Afternoon: Internship training (I learned how to register voters, voter education, and laws about bribery and voter suppression.)

Evening: Meal prep (juicing), hookah with my partner to relax before the first day of school


Monday was a really hectic and exhausting day for me, partially because of my anxiety and partially because it was looong.

Morning: Awake at 6:00 am. Work until 12:30 pm (Payroll/timesheet processing and conducting interviews)

Afternoon: Internship until 6:00 pm (I mostly registered voters that day and the anxiety surrounding talking to new people and facing rejection gave me a panic attack less than an hour into my shift, but eventually I recovered and was able to get back out into the crowds)

Evening: Chipotle (I get the kid’s crunchy tacos with black beans, pinto beans, and hot salsa with kid’s chips and drink–tiny vegan stomach hack) and passed out by 9:30 pm


Tuesday was my first day of actual class, so while Monday’s anxiety was all about work, Tuesday’s anxiety was an entirely different beast, centered around academics and the pressure to succeed at both work and class.

Morning: Work until 10:30 am, class at 11:00 am. This class was Contemporary Feminist Theory, so I was excited for a core class within my major, but again, anxious about making sure I was going to be able to be successful and earn the grades I need for my grad school application.

Afternoon: I had a gap between classes so I spent a few hours in the library with my partner and we read for our upcoming CTF assignment. At 3:00 pm, I attended my yoga class where I learned that yoga is difficult and breathing loudly is a requirement. Weird, but doable.

Evening: It was my partner’s birthday on Tuesday so we went to a local vegan restaurant to celebrate!


Wednesday was basically a repeat of Monday, with a mandatory American Sign Language (one of my online classes) orientation on campus (This was stressful because I didn’t receive more than 5 hours notice so I had to rearrange my work hours–thankfully everyone was cool about it, but the orientation didn’t teach me anything that wasn’t in the syllabus so that was annoying.)


Thursday was just a repeat of Tuesday, except for a brutal yoga class wherein we workshopped a series of poses that was basically just push-ups. So an hour’s worth of push-ups.


Friday was basically a repeat of Monday except I got out of work a bit early because I reached 20 hours. Friday night, to treat myself, I went to a Vietnamese restaurant with a separate vegan menu and got a big bowl of pho and a strawberry “cheesecake.”


Morning: Saturday morning was my mini-vacation, as you know. Then I called my grandma to tell her about my first week of class because, on account of me not being a piece of garbage, I call my family on occasion.

Afternoon: I spent much of Saturday afternoon in the library catching up on homework and preparing for next week.

Evening: In addition to working on more homework and my blog posts for the upcoming week, I did some yoga on my own (yay for keeping up with healthy habits in my free time) and spent the rest of my evening relaxing and preparing for Sunday’s shift at my internship.

I hope this map of my week was helpful or at least informative. It’s totally possible and doable to have a full courseload (there was an online class in there that I didn’t really talk about because it’s an easy class that I’m literally just taking for the credit hours, so only about 20 minutes of my time went into it, though that may change) and work full-time!


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