The Busy Girl Diaries: I’ve Been Right All Along

For a while, on this blog and elsewhere, I’ve been saying that my stressed-out, busy, hectic lifestyle was going to pay off. Usually, I mean that in the next 10 years I’ll experience some relative financial comfort and a steady job. Recently, though, I’ve learned that hard work and persistence pays off in smaller ways, too. The willingness to adopt a hectic lifestyle in exchange for potential benefits later down the road is going to create opportunities for you right now.

Earlier this summer, I learned that I was going to have to take an extra class, which meant I’d have to work extra hours, too (much of my income comes from financial aid refunds I receive at the beginning of the semester). I panicked and definitely cried for a minute over it. I was going to have so much work. Five classes? Thirty hours of work? Her Campus? I couldn’t imagine having the time or energy to do it all.

Then I announced I’d be working on an ebook while doing all of that and maintaining my blog. That was extra work but it was the good kind that would not only further my potential writing career (hey Bustle? BitchMedia? Vice or Broadly? Hire me, please?) but because writing is something that I love, I’m willing to do the extra work.

And then another thing happened. I saw a flyer for a paid internship registering people to vote. So I applied, not thinking that anything would come of it.

So guess who has a second job? I would be losing my shit right now if my paychecks weren’t going to be so nice. My mindset of “fuck it, let’s just get it done” brought me a new opportunity, a resume builder, and a way to learn how to stretch my time even further.

I’ve been right all along. Being the busy girl has paid off in unexpected ways, and I think it will continue to do so. This week is the first week of the fall semester, and I go into it feeling more optimistic than ever despite the busiest schedule of my life.


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