How to: Treat Yourself in a Healthy Way

To quote Donna Meagle, sometimes, you have to treat yoself. Unfortunately, many people’s idea of treating themselves is unhealthy, expensive, or just a bad idea overall. I’ve put together a few ways that you can treat yourself in ways that are healthy and inexpensive, because it’s always important to do something nice for yourself, even if you don’t have the funds to get a massage or take a trip to Europe, and if you’re tired of going to bars and getting trashed in order to have fun.

Smoothie Bowls

A nice smoothie bowl might be the answer to your woes. Smoothie bowls are healthy, tasty, satiating, and gorgeous! Combine some of your favorite fruits in a blender, and top with some extra fruit, granola, flax or hemp seeds, or coconut. If you aren’t feeling like making a smoothie bowl, you can buy one from Jamba Juice and most other places where smoothies are sold.

Dark Chocolate

Iron, fatty acids, antioxidants, caffeine, all in a delicious bar of dark chocolate. Something about 70-95% cacao just feels decadent and luxurious, all while giving you some pretty major health benefits! Obviously, the sugar content of dark chocolate is relatively high so you don’t want to eat it every day, but its an excellent snack if you want to treat yourself.

Museum Days

If you’re in college, you likely can get into multiple museums in your area for free, and if not, many museums have “Dollar Days” where admission is just $1, and sometimes museums will have a “Pay as you will” evening where you can enjoy the museum for free. Looking at art can be therapeutic and walking around can help you feel less groggy.

Have A Glass of Wine


If you want to indulge while also promoting heart health, reach for a glass of wine. Having a glass of wine can be beneficial to your health while also calming you down when you’re stressed or anxious. Like with the chocolate, you don’t want to go overboard, but wine can be great as a once-in-a-while treat.



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Stretching, relaxation, and building muscle tone through yoga can be one of the best ways to do your body and your mind some good. Yoga is a really fantastic way to disconnect, relax, and just take a deep breath for the first time this week. Even if you aren’t good at it, practice makes perfect and the benefits are still there. Also, yoga is an activity that you can do every single day, and you’ll only reap the benefits.

Take a Nap

Yeah, I said it. Take a nap. If you’re truly tired and just need a break from the world, give yourself 45 minutes to rest. There is very little evidence that taking a nap is somehow harmful to your sleep schedule, especially if you take your nap a good amount of time before it’s time to go to bed. You don’t want to make a habit out of taking 3 hour naps every day, but if you’re tired, just go to sleep.



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