The Busy Girl Diaries: How I Relax

I fully believe that life should be 80% work and 20% play, otherwise you’ll burn out. Life is not supposed to be a time where all you do is work, pay bills, and then die. Life should be something that we enjoy, so below I’ll talk about some of the different ways that I like to kick back and enjoy life.

Yoga or Exercise

One of my favorite ways to relax or blow off steam is to exercise. Slow, relaxed workouts like yoga or Pilates are a great way to relax and focus while intense or fast-paced workouts that incorporate cardio or strength training are great to let out any anger or stress that might be plaguing me. Which workout I do usually depends on the day, my emotions, and how I’m physically feeling. Some days I want to jump right into a workout while other days I’d rather take it slow and stretch.


Before you come at me with the pitchforks, I know this isn’t healthy. I’m fully aware of the risks and dangers of smoking, but I choose to do it once in a while, as I find it fun and peaceful. The atmosphere of the lounge I go to is really relaxed and I can use that time to catch up with my partner or be with friends. There are healthier ways to do this, but this is my way.

Cooking and Meal Prepping

Something about preparing 5 of the same meal at a time is soothing to me. Cutting up fruit for breakfast, cooking soups for lunch, and blending up green juices for when I’m on the go makes me feel productive and relaxed all at once.

Spending Time in the Sun

Probably my favorite way to relax is to spend some time laying by the pool in the hot Florida sunshine. Most of my day, I’m stuck inside over air conditioned offices and my dark apartment, so it’s really nice to get out into the sun for a while. Being in the sun improves my mood and warms up my cold body, making it my favorite way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

How do you relax? Tell me your favorite way to unwind in the comments below!


One thought on “The Busy Girl Diaries: How I Relax

  1. I agree with you! I myself love nothing more than Yoga to relax. For realsies. It’s the bomb! But I recognize that I am also a work maniac. I think some side of my brain almost prefers it (😨) which is funny because I was soooo not like that a year ago. But this is a great reminder to take some time for yourself and really enjoy your surroundings


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