Top 5: Myths About Vegans DEBUNKED

When people find out you’re a vegan, they react. They react a lot. The reason they react so much is because there are a lot of unfair stereotypes and myths about vegans as it’s a pretty new thing to not eat animal products. So, here are the myths and the stereotypes debunked.

5. We’re Doing It to Lose Weight


Okay, rude. Some people go vegan because they know about the health benefits and hope that maybe they’ll lose weight. Most people that go vegan, however, do it for multiple reasons, and it’s really rude to assume that someone might go vegan because they’re unhappy with the way they look. Honestly, that’s a lot of assumptions you’re making there.

4. We’re Lacking Nutrients/Vitamins/Protein

“Are you getting enough protein? What about B12? I don’t know, a diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains? Is that even healthy?” It’s okay to ask people what they eat if you’re genuinely interested, but unless you’re a nutritionist and I’m your client, or you’re a doctor and I’m your patient, don’t assume you know what nutrients I specifically need, or what I’m getting enough of. Some vegans are totally raw, and all they eat are fruits and vegetables, other vegans eat mostly Oreos, and if you wouldn’t judge anyone else’s diet and whether or not it’s healthy, don’t judge a vegan diet either.

3. We’re Aggressive

For the most part, vegans just want to eat lunch, and we aren’t interested in protesting or screaming at people because they eat animal products. Obviously, there are some bad eggs, but for the most part, we’re just sipping spinach juice and going to work just like everyone else.

2. We’re Judging You/We Care At All About What You Eat

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I really  can’t convey to you how much most of us don’t give a shit. When we’re at the office lunch, we aren’t looking around at everyone else’s food thinking that they’e all killers, we’re just eating our black bean soup and Triscuits while we think about what we’re going to make for dinner. Again, there are some people that are going to try to convert you, but remember, that’s not a typical vegan, that’s a typical asshole.

1. We Only Eat Salads/Lettuce

We eat so much! Sure, some people eat salads, but so do some meat eaters. Vegans love to eat all sorts of dishes, and have a substitute for just about everything everyone else eats. Since I’ve gone vegan, I’ve been more excited about my food than ever. Use your imagination, as there are so many options for delicious food without animal products.

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2 thoughts on “Top 5: Myths About Vegans DEBUNKED

  1. I love this! I was vegan for a whole year (for ethical reasons, like most vegans) and I did loose weight, but mostly I become tuned into my body. It’s the healthiest I ever was. I did drop because uber difficult to keep up my veganism with my hectic work schedule and so I went back to what was easy which sucked. I still try and do veganism every now and again for a few months but I can’t stay consistent. But it was the best “diet” I ever did and I’m going to keep trying to do it until it sticks. Awesome post!


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