How to: Have a Productive Morning

Mornings can be chaotic, frantic, and stressful, if you make it that way. They can also be a peaceful start that sets the tone for a smooth and productive day. I firmly believe that having a productive morning routine is the best way to keep your day on the right track.

Be Realistic When Planning Your Routine

The first thing you want to do is actually plan a routine and be realistic about it. This just means that you want to include things in your morning routine that you’ll actually stick to (e.g. if you aren’t the type of person that could possibly go on a run and cook a big breakfast, don’t plan to do that). Be realistic in your planning, that way you don’t find yourself right back where you started.

Plan Your Outfit and Breakfast the Night Before

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So, this isn’t something that you do in the morning, but rather something you should do to make your mornings easier. If you have planned out what you want to wear and eat in the morning, you shave minutes off of your morning routine. If you don’t feel like a breakfast person, you should still start your day with a glass of water, or a smoothie. I like to have some fruit and water so I feel like I got a healthy start to my day.

Wake Up Your Skin First

For me, the best way to wake my body up is to wake up my skin. I’m an evening shower person, so if you like your morning showers, I suggest you keep the temperature cool–not arctic or anything, but warm showers are more likely to leave you feeling more sleepy. If you are like me and prefer the evening shower, you’ll want to wash your face first thing, and start by using cool water. I also use a strong and cooling astringent on my skin to really wake myself up.

Stretching and Quiet Time

The next most important thing you can do in the morning is give yourself some quiet time. So many of us pick up our phones first thing and answer emails or check social media. It’s generally better for your mind and body to keep electronics in the background of your morning routine, and focus more on taking time to stretch or exercise.

Plan Your Day and Write Out Your Goals

My favorite part of my morning is sitting down with my planner and laying out my tasks and goals for the day. I really like spending some of the first few minutes of my day deciding what I’m going to do with it. I feel more organized, less stressed, and ready to take on whatever goals I have set for myself.





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