The Busy Girl Diaries: Goals

People sometimes say to me, “You need to chill out. Take less classes, work fewer hours, be selfish.” Most of the time, these statements aren’t without good intentions. People see me get stressed, and they try to figure out a way to be less stressed, usually by suggesting I lighten my load. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. See, I have some goals I’d like to accomplish–“But can’t those goals wait?”–No. Here is a list of my goals, and the chronology that they should become accomplished.

October 2016: Take my GRE and secure people to write recommendation letters. This is to ensure my grad school application is able to be submitted on time. More on that later.

December 2016: Pass all fall courses. This should be self explanatory.

December 2016: Have money saved up for a car. My partner and I currently are driving a lease, and that’s due in January.

February 2017: Grad school applications are due! This is why I gave myself my October goals, so recommenders had time to write letters, I had time to take my GRE and receive scores, etc.

May and July 2017: Pass spring and summer courses.

July 2017: Graduate with my bachelors degree! Basically my favorite goal ever.

August 2017: Begin my M.A. program (assuming I get in). This program only begins in the fall, so if I don’t get in this year, I’ll have to wait a year.

May 2019: Graduate with my Masters!

May 2019: Begin work, Ph.D program, law school, etc. Whatever my heart desires.

So, in order to acquire the credits and money necessary to complete these goals, I have to carry the burden of a heavy workload. But when I’m stressed about it, I think about grad school, and how excited I am to get advanced degrees and maybe have a job that makes real money one day!



2 thoughts on “The Busy Girl Diaries: Goals

  1. you remind me so much of me. When I decided to go to grad school I had unfortunately missed the application deadline by about 5 days which left me with an entire year before I could even apply, let alone actually start the program! So in order to make that time pass a bit more quickly I set myself some goals and I am happy to report that I achieved those goals and I am 5 weeks away from starting grad school! Next goal: graduate with a master’s degree in may 2018!!!
    Good luck with your goals! I look forward to reading your posts!


    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I don’t even know you but I’m incredibly proud of your grad school journey! I plan to make more posts about getting into grad school, setting goals, and staying organized. If you ever have any tips as well, please share!


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