The Busy Girl Diaries: Handling the Workload


We’re doing it again! Welcome to the new weekly series on this blog: The Busy Girl Diaries! The new blog schedule will work like this: Mondays I will post a new How to, Wednesdays I will post a new Busy Girl Diaries, and on Fridays I will post a new Top 5.

Most of the readers of this blog know that I’m in my twenties, taking a full college course-load, and work nearly full time, plus a few other engagements. That’s a busy schedule. Most American adults work a 40 hour week (full time) and then maybe have some sort of side hobby or something fun they do. Because it’s summer, my load is a little lighter than usual, but the fall semester is rapidly approaching, and to be honest, panic levels are rising with each passing day. In the fall, I will be taking 5 classes (15 credit hours), working 30-35 hours a week (35 when my job is particularly busy, 30 when it’s not), I’ll continue my role as Editor-in-Chief of my university chapter of Her Campus, I’m preparing for the GRE, and of course, I have to take care of life at home.

I write a lot of posts about how to manage busy schedules, how to pack your bag, what you need to make your life as the HBIC easier, and I sometimes wonder if people are curious about my credentials…like, what makes me an expert on all this? Well, I’m fucking living it.

I don’t know if this blog will be long or short, or what most of the posts will contain. I just want to talk about how I get through the busy schedule without losing it. I’ll try to share my tips and tricks for making it work, as well as how I handle the inevitable stress of a busy schedule. Maybe I’ll just post about my week and update you all!


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