Top 5: Vegan Snacks (For Normal Humans)

If you haven’t read my Vegan Meals post, I’ll update you: I am a busy woman with a job, class, extracurricular engagements, etc. Eating vegan shouldn’t be an extra stressor, eating vegan should be just that, eating. Spending time and energy better spent on something else on searching for ingredients and preparing snacks is not for me, so I’ve rounded up easily on-the-go vegan snacks that taste great.

Before we start, I’ve included health-friendly options here, so while there are many accidentally vegan snacks that I also love, we’ll save my junk food favorites for another post.

5. Bananas/Oranges/Apples

fresh vitamines

Fruit is the OG healthy, vegan snack. Bananas, apples, and oranges are relatively easy to pack and take to work or class, and they taste good as well!

4. Silk Yogurt


If you love yogurt and are having a hard time giving it up, I suggest you try Silk yogurt, as it’s dairy-free and delicious, and comes in several different flavors.

3. CLIF Builder’s Bar-Chocolate


CLIF Builder’s bars are vegan-friendly (some of the bars may contain trace amounts of dairy, but they’re never made with dairy), as are most CLIF brand bars. These bars contain 20g of protein, so they’re a great snack to keep you feeling full.

2. Triscuits


Almost every Triscuit flavor is vegan (double check the varieties that say they’re cheese flavored though)! Triscuits are great because they’re really flavorful and true to the flavor on the box, and can be paired with dairy-free cheese, dips, or even eaten alongside fruits.

1. Skinny Pop-White Cheddar


The general rule for vegan snacks is that if it says it is cheese flavored, it’s probably not vegan. Skinny Pop White Cheddar flavor takes the number 1 spot on this list because it’s a savory, cheese flavored snack that does not contain dairy! The cheese flavor is on point, and my carnivorous partner also loves it.


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