Top 5: Essential Items for the HBIC

If you’re the type of woman who works hard, takes no shit, and knows that success is something that you work for rather than wait for, you might be the HBIC or the Head Bitch in Charge–the acronym used to describe the alpha female who doesn’t wait around for good things to happen to her, but gets up and makes good things happen to her. Every woman has the potential to be the HBIC: all it takes is 1 part ambition and 2 parts work ethic. Men have briefcases, favorite ties, and a soundtrack they play on their way to work, and if that’s your style, don’t let me cramp it. Personally, I’m a huge fan of a feeling comfortable and happy in your personal style, which is why this list is customizable to suit anyone’s needs.

5. A Container for Your Belongings

Whether you like the briefcase, purse, backpack, or fanny pack, every HBIC needs a sturdy, reliable, appropriately sized container for her belongings, and hopefully, one that reflects her personal style. Here are a two that I enjoy:

Canvas Tote (This is great for workout gear, textbooks, or a small overnight bag)


A Basic, Large, Neutral Purse (This is my favorite, as they’re sturdy, can hold all my things, go with all manner of outfits, and usually have compartments for smaller items)


For this one, just Google search some of the requirements you wish for in a container for your things, and you’ll find what you’re looking for!

4. Inspiration

No matter what your career aspirations or your status in life, a healthy dose of “She could do it, so can I” along with a dash of “Here’s how to do it” will always help any woman. Reading for fun keeps you sharp, and gives you a few minutes a day to relax. Here are some books worth checking out to inspire your inner (or outer) HBIC.

Bossypants by Tina Fey


Full Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti


If reading is less your thing, check out these documentaries (or docu-series’)

Makers: Women Who Make America on PBS


Dark Girls (2011) on Netflix


3. A Wellness Routine

You can’t be the HBIC if you’re dead. Even if we’re in our twenties and we’re convinced we’re going to bounce back, you can’t live off of Monster Energy Drinks and Taco Bell because you’ll feel too much like shit to get anything done. (For the record, I’m not saying you have to remove these things from your diet, just maybe cut down a little?)

Diet, exercise, and self-care are the three most important aspects of wellness, in my opinion. Sexual health is the fourth, and it’s equally important, but I won’t focus on that in this post.

Food and diet are a huge part of our lives; we need food to survive, and in most cultures, it has significant social meaning. I’m not going to advocate you eat the way I eat, or any other specific way because the truth is this: no one has it completely figured out. Many people advocate for a raw vegan diet, but some people find that way too restricting. Others prefer paleo, but that’s pretty restricting too, isn’t it? My advice to you is to find a happy medium, and the preferred way to do it is by following the 80/2o rule. The 80/20 rule dictates that 80% of the time, you feed your body healthy foods (so that would be the time to implement that raw vegan/gluten free/paleo/low carb/whatever the fuck) and the other 20% of the time, you eat what you want. If you restrict your diet too much, you’ll find yourself turning that cheat meal into a cheat month. However, if you eat a little of what you want here and there, you won’t have the urge to binge-eat a package of Oreos.

Exercise is something a lot of people struggle with, usually because they’re focused on exercise as a vehicle to lose weight/bulk up/otherwise achieve a very specific and typically unattainable look. Exercise is something to do that makes your body feel good, and if your body changes for the better as a result, it’s a bonus. The best way to start and keep up with an exercise routine is to choose something that you enjoy. If you enjoy your exercise, it’s not a chore or something to avoid.

Self-care is equally important as diet and exercise because if you aren’t mentally healthy, physical health means nothing. Self-care is just what it sounds like, taking care of yourself, usually by doing a recreational or relaxing activity. For some people, exercise constitutes their self-care entirely because they truly love what they do. For others, taking a bubble bath, watching an episode of KUWTK, having their nails done, going to the beach/pool, and any number of other activities make up a self-care routine.

2. Go-to Look

Whether it’s a suit, dress, or workout gear, everyone has an outfit or style of clothing they feel most comfortable in. Some people feel powerful in high heels, others feel better in converse. For a lot of people, and definitely not just women, looking good translates to feeling good, but wearing an outfit or article of clothing that you don’t love for the sake of following a trend or meeting expectations is silly. Imagine your favorite outfit, the one in which you feel unstoppable. That could be as business friendly as a pantsuit and heels, or as casual as leggings and a hoodie. Find the style that makes you feel confident and slowly build your wardrobe to include more of these pieces, that way you leave the house feeling fierce every single day.

1. Slaylist

If parts of this countdown didn’t apply to you or resonate with you, this one will. A Slaylist is a playlist full of songs that make you feel happy, pumped, and ready to take on the world–songs that help you slay, if you will. You want an hours worth of music that you can use as a background for working out, applying makeup, doing homework, etc. Usually ,upbeat music performed by empowered women comprise my Slaylist. If you’re at a dead end, some artists you can start with include: Nicki Minaj, Marina and the Diamonds, Ariana Grande, Beyonce (duh), Selena Gomez, Melanie Martinez, Britney Spears, you get the idea.


HBIC, go forth and slay.



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