Top 5: Study-Friendly Apps

Studying as a high school or college student is sometimes really difficult, and I don’t even just mean reviewing for tests and exams, here. I mean learning the material in the first place, too, because if the material you’re reading in preparation for class doesn’t make any sense, neither will your class. And then, studying for exams? Forget it. However, anyone who is attending college or high school now is insanely lucky, considering how much access we have to technology that facilitates learning. Below, I’ll break down my top five favorite apps that I use to study, both when it  comes to learning material, and when it comes to reviewing that material. Also, all these apps are free (some of them do have pricey upgrades, but in this post, I’m discussing the free versions only.)




This dictionary app is the replacement for that heavy dictionary you’ve got on your bookshelf, you know, the one you haven’t opened in years. This app comes complete with a dictionary, thesaurus, and you can even view recent searches and mark “favorites” for words you know you’ll want to revisit.


  1. Kindle


Most of my textbooks have been available through the Kindle store for much cheaper than the university bookstore offers, and you don’t have to have a kindle to use the app, which is free. This is especially helpful if you find yourself studying on-the-go often, or are more comfortable reading on your phone/tablet (or computer if you have the Kindle extension for Chrome–also free!) than lugging heavy textbooks around. This app is also pretty good if you need a study break and reading novels is your preferred method of unwinding.


  1. EasyBib


If you’re in any major where writing might happen at least once, EasyBib is the app for you. It helps your cite and format sources you use for your paper, and then you just copy and paste into your bibliography.


  1. BeFocused


This app is a pomodoro timer that will allow you to split your studying up into sections so you don’t burn out during your session. This app sets a 25 minute timer for your work, and then gives you a 5 minute break. I find this app to be especially helpful because students, in our hurry to get as much done as possible, sometimes neglect to take breaks, or when we do take breaks, they’re a ten hour Netflix binge session.


  1. Cozi


This app is more for your everyday life, but is my favorite study-friendly app because all of your planning can go in one place, and you can set up the app with your family or significant other to coordinate study dates (in the calendar section), share notes (in the journal section), or add things to your own and other’s to-do lists (to do list section). In addition, I use this app to make grocery lists and share with my significant other when I have appointments or a particularly hectic schedule.


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