How to: Get Some Exercise In

When you’re in your twenties, exercise is the last thing on some of our minds. I’m in my twenties, my body will bounce back after all those drinks and junk food, right? Um, probably not. Let’s be real here, we all know that exercise is good for us, we just don’t do it either because we don’t think we have the time, or we’re intimidated by the gym. Below, you’ll find a list of some really basic, totally doable exercises that don’t require a gym!



Walking is just about the easiest, most basic form of exercise available to us, especially if you are attending college on a large campus, or live close to work. If you can, try walking to work, or just take a walk in the evening after work or class.

2. Yoga


With mats that cost about $20 and free yoga tutorials on YouTube, this is one of the most fun exercises you can do. Plus, you wear leggings every day anyways, you might as well put them to use.

3. Biking


This is great for the same reason walking is, because you can use it as a form of transportation. Also, this can be done in a gym, on a stationary bike where you can adjust the resistance.

4. Dancing


Dancing is especially fun, and like yoga, there are lots of instructional YouTube videos that can teach you how and help you follow a routine.

5. Planking

maxresdefault1Planking is great for your arms, back, and core, and it only takes a minute or two before most people start to feel it. If you have a few minutes before work or class, try a few minutes of planking!



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