Top 5: Healthy On-the-Go Snacks

With this post, I’m introducing a new series on my blog! In addition to my “How to” series, I’ll be posting “Top 5″s to give you a quick rundown of some of the things I’m currently loving!

So, you’re a college student, or a high school student, or just a young (or maybe even not-so-young!) person who is trying to eat healthy, but when you get hungry for a snack, you’re tempted to sneak off to the vending machine, a small pack of chips, or candy. If you’re eating healthy meals and exercising, you could be undoing all your hard work if you’re constantly eating high fat or high-calorie snacks. Now, this isn’t to say that once in a while, junk food isn’t okay. If your coworker brings Krispy Kreme to work, don’t feel like you’ve ruined the day for eating one.  For your normal diet, though, check out my top five healthy (on-the-go friendly) snacks!

5. Almonds, peanuts, cashews, etc.


Packing a few handfuls of nuts in a small plastic bag or Tupperware is a super healthy and filling treat! Most of the time, unsalted, raw almonds/peanuts/cashews are best, but as an occasional treat, you can get them chocolate covered or with flavoring. Almonds are extremely healthy, and known to be a great on-the-go snack.

4. Dipperz


I wouldn’t have made this one brand-specific if Dipperz wasn’t the only brand I could find, but these are fantastic, so here they are! These snack-packs come in either apples or carrots, depending on your preference, and different dips/spreads. Sometimes, to avoid dairy or just if I’m not feeling like eating the caramel or peanut butter, I’ll skip the dip altogether. However, it’s not necessary to skip the dip. These come in convenient one-serving pouches, and they’re usually $1 at my local Publix (list price is $1.50 each).

3. Veggie Straws


Veggie Straws are best in Tupperware or a plastic bag if you don’t like the single serve pouches, and come in 3 flavors, Sea Salt, Zesty Ranch, and Cheddar Cheese (the Sea Salt flavor is vegan!). These are all pretty great if you’re looking for something to satisfy the craving for chips.

2. Yogurt


So, you need a refrigerator close by if you aren’t going to eat this pretty soon after taking it out of your own refrigerator (or an insulated lunch bag works too!). I like Silk brand yogurt the best because I’m not too big on dairy, but any Greek yogurt is great too.

1.Plain Ol’ Fruits and Vegetables


Bananas, apples, and oranges are the best for just slipping in your backpack or purse, so long as they aren’t left there too long. Also, you can bring some cut up vegetables in Tupperware or a plastic bag if fruits aren’t your thing.

I hope this post inspires you to eat some of these and other healthy snacks! I encourage you to get creative and find other healthy snacks that work for you.


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