What is an adult to do?


Turning 18 is the legal beginning of adulthood (in America, anyway), but usually, when you’re 18 you’re still in high school, you’re still living with your parents and a lot of American 18-year-olds don’t have jobs.

This is not adulthood.

You’ll know you’ve entered adulthood when you feel like you fell out of the nest and onto your head, and you suddenly have different responsibilities you did when you were living with your parents. That feeling like you’re going to vomit because ohshitrentisdue? That, my friend, that is adulthood.

But when most twenty-somethings think of adulthood, they don’t think of themselves. They think of people in their thirties and forties, people with mortgages and “grown-up” jobs. And your twenties is a sort of liminal space, an in-between where you’re expected to have your shit together but you’re also supposed to be young and have fun.

Being young and having fun is easy, but having your shit together is hard. That’s why you’re here. I, a brave twenty-something guinea pig, will venture into the world of adulthood, achieve things, make mistakes (like, a lot of them), and try to make the world think I’m not just a screaming baby in a grown-up costume. If you wish, you can read along while I try to figure out the best way to adult, so we can all come out of our twenties with our shit together.


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